How to Remember your Dreams
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How to Understand Dreams
Purging Nightmares
Figures of Speech in Dreams
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Dream Folklore from History
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You will spend about 21 years of your life asleep.

During 8 sleep years, you will be Dreaming!

Wake UP

I've been doing dream research for many years.

This site will teach you what I learned.

My goal is to help you learn about your dreams.

You dream every night.

Pay Attention to your dreams.

They will reward you with insight.

This site is all about discovering your own dream mind and getting your whole mind thinking. Your dreaming mind is a vast resource. You can unlock the door andf enter your dreams.

Here, you will learn how to remember dreams, how to make sense of your dreams, how to get rid of nightmares and how to discover the richness of your dream mind.

Dream On!