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Figures of Speech

Every language has its own dream language. Here are the standard figures of speech used in the English language. They are the basis for the analogic of dreams.


Transferring to one word the sense of another. One thing is likened to another as if it were the other. Examples: Screaming headlines, He made an ass of himself, it stirred our emotions, Life is a lark.


A story where people, things or happenings have another meaning, used in teaching or explaining.


To throw beside, to compare. A story with a moral or enigmatic saying.


A fiction tale in which animals or other creatures are used to convey a meaning.


To use an auspicious word for an inauspicious word, a less distasteful word for another that is crude. Example: He passed away. They are going to the powder room.


To make a word by imitating the sound or noise of the object.


Where a person represents some quality, thing or idea, Example: Cupid, the Wise Old Man, The Greek Gods.


Where foibles, follies, stupidities, abuses are held up for ridicule or contempt.


Humorous or sarcastic expression where the meaning of the words is the exact opposite. It was ironic that the fireboat burned and sank.


Opposition of contrast of words. Example: The miser robs himself.


Greek- Throwing beyond excess, exaggeration for effect. Example: That story is as old as time.


When the whole is substituted for the part or part for the whole. Example: Man does not live by bread alone.



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